About the product

Controllable maquettes for educational purposes. The device’s purpose is to ease the practcal education of PLC with functioning modells. It is an easy to-use, robust and compact tool. It was primarlily developed for basic education. Due to it’s size, it is perfect for the education of classes of 12. Furthermore it is perfect for the represantation of real procedures. Other operations can be implemented thanks to the built in connector. It is effective for bussinesses, e.g.: self-directed learning of colleagues.

NEW! Presentation videos.

Important! The PLC is not included in the device since several PLC devices are compatible with it. (the requirements are in the technical guide)

Suitcase shape design
Robust structure
Easy to operate

Content of the case

On a 545x317mm surface: 6 experimental devices, 4 of them contain a mobile mechanism. Altogether: 9 variations of bindings.

  • Demo panel
  • Stairway lighting
  • Elevator
  • Conveyor belt
  • 3 phase motor control
  • Level control

Who is it useful for?

  • Electronics Industry
  • Automation technicians
  • Electronics technicians
  • Electrical engineering technicians
  • IT technicians
  • Mechanics industry
  • Engineer Technicians
  • Maintance technicians
  • Mechatronical technicians

Advantages of the product

  • Any PLC (produced by any manufacturer ) can be built into the device (with proper port quantity and physical size).
  • Therefore it is not neccesary to switch from an already in-use PLC platform to another neither buying new devices nor further training of the instructors.
  • You can simply connect other PLCs to it.
  • Debugging function
  • Due to it’s compact structure it is easily controlled. Comparing to the funcionality, the mechanismd are well protected.
  • High quality components
  • We keep in touch with several PLC producers. You can check them and their support in the Collaborations menu.
  • The PLC can be controlled by any controller via the built-in connector. Therefore it is safe to use, not for just educational purposes, but for any kind of control mechanisms as well. (e.g.: Arduino, NI MyRIO, Ethernet) We can support the production of the interface circuits, so it can be freely connected to available devices. (The extension card supports are in the downloads section)