Technical manual
Requirements for the PLC:
  • 12 digital inputs
  • 1 analog input (The level of voltage is adjustable)
  • 8 relay output
  • It should fit into a standard power switch rail.
  • The cutting should be 130mm wide and 95 mm deep.
  • Functional voltage: 24V
  • Accepted electricity: maximum 200mA (Excluding the PLC’s demand on electricity)
Physical structure:
  • The case is made of 4mm plexiglass.
  • The bottom is taped with abrasion-resistant stickers. The case is held together by aluminium profile, which is high quality. It is 2.4 mm thick, with protection on the edges.
  • External sizes: width: 545mm, depth: 317mm, height: 75mm (The height refers to the distance between the bottom and the profile, an extra 10mm should be counted for the buttons or 35mm for the PLC)
  • The PLC’s input voltage is 0/24V, low level: approximately 1V, high level: 22V
  • The PLC’s outputs deliver a 5V voltage.
  • The electricity, flowing through the relay is not reaching 50mA.

Detailed documentation can be found under the downloads section.